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What do we do?

We staff your website with

Dedicated, Live Chat Agents 24/7

For as little as ₱54 per session

Why Real Time Chat?​

Because it works. Live chat can increase close rates by up to 70% and website revenue by up to 20% – all from existing traffic. Real-Time Live Chat Agents increase sales and boost your bottom line. In today’s competitive online world, idly receiving web traffic is not enough.


Businesses spend time, money and resources driving traffic to their websites,  yet close rates on e-commerce sites remain under 5%. This means 95% of visitors aren’t converting. If you don’t have live chat agents staffing your website, you are losing business to your competitors who do.

We know staffing live chat on your website can be expensive and difficult to do on your own.

More and more companies are adding live chat to their website, but many find it difficult to invest in the staffing, infrastructure and expertise needed to get the best out of live chat.

That’s where YourChatTeam comes in. We provide proactive, managed live chat- our chat team becomes yours! Give us a try and watch us bring life to your live chat.

Customer Service Live Chat Agents

How do Real Time Chat Apps increase your revenue?

Whether you’re looking for service, sales or lead generation, staffed, real time chat helps.

What do we offer?

We Support All Chat Software

Support Live Chat Software
Live Chat Agents

Who Are We?

Your Chat Team was created to provide Live Chat solutions bringing life to websites. We provide highly trained Live chat experts who combine advanced analytics with Live Chat to proactively engage with website visitors in real time, answering questions and driving sales.


We are proudly Canadian with our headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, and with our state-of-the-art Operations Center based in Makati City, Philippines.

We bring our customers a unique model that offers the highest quality service, an international reach and a highly competitive cost structure.


Want to Learn More?

Have questions about our services? Fill out the form below and we’ll let you know what we can do for you.