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How does YourChatTeam work?

We Meet You

Your new, dedicated live chat agent team meets with you online and gets to know your business. We learn about your offerings and specific live chat needs.

We Learn

We listen, learn and become your experts. We work with you to train our agents and immerse them in your company’s culture, products, services, communication style, and through a vigorous process become part of your team.


We Adapt

We adapt and integrate our existing client processes, ERP and CRM to be in line with yours so we can implement tasks and report seamlessly with ours to suit your needs and those of your customers.

We Implement

We implement what we learn. Our implementation and project management group is dedicated to ensure a seamless experience for your customers- we become you!

YourChatTeam implements Live Chat Software
Our Live Chat Delivers Results

We Deliver Results

We continually provide you with detailed analytics reports, and chat logs, and real time notifications. We constantly monitor your customer activity to grow leads, convert clicks into sales, and increase customer satisfaction.

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