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PRESS RELEASE: YourChatTeam.com Launches 24/7 Real Time Pro-Active Staffing Solutions for Live Website Chat

YourChatTeam.com, a division of Concert 8 Solutions Inc., helps online businesses grow by providing cost-effective 24/7 pro-active live Chat with highly trained Chat Experts.


 Vancouver, BC – June 28, 2018: YourChatTeam.com, a division of Concert 8 Solutions Inc. today announced the launch of their 24/7 Real-Time Pro-Active Chat solution for business of all sizes.


Online chat has become the preferred means of communication for many consumers, and this is just as true whether shopping online or visiting a corporate website for support. However, to be effective, Live Chat needs to be pro-active, 24/7 and staffed with highly skilled, knowledgeable experts. “Think of all the time, money and effort you invest to attract visitors to your website, yet close rates on most sites are under 5%. Most customers drift away unserved,” says Concert 8 CEO Alan Yong. “Imagine if our team could pro-actively reach out to those customers on your website at the right moment, engage with them directly, and answer their questions before they slip away.” That’s where YourChatTeam.com comes in.


YourChatTeam.com’s Chat Experts utilize advanced analytics that track the movement of visitors on their client’s websites in real time. The Chat Experts then proactively engage with visitors at the optimal moment, with a personalized, relevant greeting ensuring the highest probability of contact. By providing the ability for instant communication with a live human expert on the web, YourChatTeam.com can increase sales and lead generation by up to 30% and dramatically improve customer service experiences.


Staffing even a low volume website with 24/7 coverage requires, at a minimum, a team of 6-8 experts along with significant investments in management, training and infrastructures, making 24/7 staffed Live Chat formerly unobtainable for most small and medium sized businesses. YourChatTeam.com’s solutions allow affordable, high quality 24/7 Live Chat staffing to companies of any size without expensive investments.


“Going digital alone does not ensure complete a customer service experience,” points out Christian Perkins, Concert 8’s President. “Today’s digital consumers expect an instant but personalized, relevant online experience – one that can only be achieved through a combination of advanced analytics, a live human connection and instant communication tool.”


About YourChatTeam.com
YourChatTeam.com provides 24/7 Real Time Staffing Solutions for Live Website Chat including Pro-active Sales Chat, appointment and lead generation, after sales service chat, customer support chat, social media chat and omni channel bpo services. We turn Clicks into sales and questions into happy customers.


About Concert 8 Solutions Inc.
Based in Vancouver BC, Concert 8 Solutions Inc. is a full-service Business Process Outsource provider (BPO) for the new economy. We provide the technical expertise and live talent that allow companies to realize their e-commerce dreams. Concert 8 provides a full range of BPO services including omni channel in-bound and out-bound customer sales and support over Live Chat, voice, email, sms, social media and instant messaging tools such as messenger, whatsapp, viber, skype and others.



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