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Why Choose 24/7 Live Chat for Your Law Firm?

24/7 live chat isn’t just for e-commerce. Even service providers, non-profit organizations, B2B, or B2C businesses can benefit from it. Basically just about any kind of business or organization with an online presence can benefit from live chat- even law firms!


An excellent tool for capturing leads, live chat for law firms is more important than you think- they should be an integral part of any attorney’s marketing and sales strategy. Keep reading below to see why!



What Our 24/7 Live Chat Could Do for Your Firm:


More Leads

We staff websites around the clock so no potential leads can be lost due to regular office hours and a lack of live chat. No matter the type of inquiry, we’ll assess your visitors’ needs, and pass their information to you. Capture every lead and grow your revenue.


Stay Competitive

Potential clients often visit your website before contacting your firm, and live chat is poised to become one of the top modes of communication between business and customer. Get an edge over your competitors by being an early adopter and keep your law firm competitive!


Happier Customers

Imagine you walk into a store and find no sales associates to greet you- that’s how visitors feel when they visit a website without staffed live chat. With YourChatTeam, you’ll be ready to greet potential clients any time of day. Increase customer engagement and satisfaction by serving visitors 24/7.


So there you have it- our case for 24/7 staffed live chat for law firms. Interested? Contact us today for a free consultation to see what live chat can do for you.

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