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Live Chat Grows Loyalty

Why Live Chat Matters

Live chat matters. It’s a key technology every business needs to embrace if they want to improve customer experience and relations. There are many business operations that can be made easier using live chat and this method of communication also supersedes other previous brand-client communication platforms like social media and email due to the ease of interaction.


Customer Engagement

You don’t have to be a customer service expert to understand that customers are the ones who grow a business, and they don’t just buy- they help you spread the word. A live chat tool provides brands with a direct way to interact with the customer and also provide brand services with ease.


Despite these benefits, many business websites have not fully grasped the significance of live chat in improving sales within the company. With the changes in technology over the past decade, services like live chat are easier to understand and grasp. The legacy reliance on telephone customer service as the only medium for communication has fallen by the wayside.


Live chat actually enjoys a 92% customer satisfaction rating.


This significantly exceeds many other communication methods. With an increase of live chat-using customers comes an improved customer experience on their part.


Reducing Operation Costs


Look at the numbers! Live chat costs you much less than a pool of real life agents in customer service. First of all, when you have a live chat tool, you won’t have to manage a large number of agents- you can serve more clients faster, and do more with less.


Live chat allows your brand’s customer service to operate smoothly by enabling responses to multiple chats simultaneously. There’s no limit of serving just one customer at once like you would have via telephone, and no delayed response time like you would have over email. This eases delivery of solutions to clients while also prioritizing speed in customer service. Customers get real-time advice from live chats due to the fast response time they have as compared to interacting with live agents.


What’s more, you’ll greatly reduce wait times for customer service due to a fast responding, always on interface. A live chat service can dramatically improve the efficiencies of your service organization while helping to drive down costs. 42% of users prefer live chat so they don’t have to wait on hold, so there’s no doubt they enjoy this benefit as well.

Live Chat Boots Sales

Boosting Sales


In a report by the American Marketing Association, consumers who utilize live chat are three times more likely to purchase as opposed to those who don’t use live chat.


Live chat helps during online purchases as customers can be guided through the best product or service depending on their previous history. This makes purchasing much simpler and convenient for the buyer. In the same report by the American Marketing Association, a statistic was relayed that integration of live search in business operations can increase conversions up to 20 percent. The live chat tool enables for faster interaction with clients which later translates to loyal customers who buy more of the product.


The key aspect to maintain when improving sales using live chat is having a well-trained team behind the scenes and this is our specialty.


This team is usually directly in contact with customer data making them the best tool for marketing, product promotion, and selection of products suitable for the customer. A live chat team with the right skills can go a long way in improving customer acquisition and retention which translates to more sales.


Helping Businesses Grow


Integrating live chat technology in business operations can greatly improve sales and provide a distinctive competitive advantage. So far, not too many brands have incorporated live chat tools meaning this communication medium is still largely unexploited.


By providing your customers with live chat support, your brand is able to maintain a competitive advantage over rival companies.


Your business will also have improved customer data that can guide product personalization for the customer. This helps to improve the level of trust between a customer and the business providing them with a service.


In the long run, live chat can help you maintain deep client connections owing to positive customer experience over the years. These long-term customers play a major role in improving sales and product promotion through word-of-mouth.

Customers Prefer Live Chat

The Convenience of Live Chat to Customers


Today, customers are generally on a device – whether that is their smartphone, a tablet or a PC – and as such most of their interactions are digital. This change in behavior due to convenience allows businesses to target customers in different methods.


Offering live chat options when customers encounter a problem on the website can greatly improve customer service.The customer does not have to leave the page to get assistance to continue with their purchase or inquiry.


Live chat also makes communication much more personal.


This personal touch makes the customer stick to the brand and enjoys a good customer experience.


Scripted responses can tire the customer. If your live chat service is not engaging enough and feels to the customer like they are talking to a robot, then it won’t be effective for customer support. The live chat service is designed to function 24/7/365 providing customer service throughout regardless of business hours. Coffee breaks and public holidays don’t apply for live chat support. This means that consumers can get customer service any time they need it making it very convenient for them.


Best Practices for Live Chat Support


As you contemplate adding live chat support for your business, you should ensure that you choose a company that understands the process inside and out. Live Chat is our specialty. Our proactive live chat team brings life to your website and a human connection to e-commerce. Proactive live chat can increase close rates up to 70% and revenues up to 20%, all from your existing web traffic. Chat with us today and see what we can do for you!

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