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Why Us?

At YourChatTeam, we are the live chat experts. We give clients a competitive edge by providing highly trained and effective live, human talent to turn clicks into sales and inquiries into happy customers. 

Our experienced, dedicated team provides your customers with the highest level of support, service and sales leaving you free to do what you do best- growing your business.  

We give you world class sales and support without upfront investment in staffing and infrastructure.

We Provide the Live Human Connection

Our expert live chat agents provide live human support complemented by advanced analytics that allow companies to realize their dreams- reaching more and creating happier customers. 

79% of consumers prefer live chats because they offer instant responses.

Staff your website with our 24/7 proactive live chat and maximize your success.

We Know Live Chat is Only as Effective As the Humans Behind it

We know success is about having the right people on your team. Our recruiting process ensures only the best join. We invest heavily in training, team building and career development to ensure our team is always at their best.

We coach live chat agents on how to relate to customers, discern their needs and utilize our advanced knowledgebase and consultive selling techniques to find a solution tailored to each customer.

We understand scripts and pre-packaged rebuttals do not offer the best results. Our low student to teacher ratios and advanced learning methods ensure more complex skills are quickly taught and retained. We’re passionate and it shows- people love being part of Your Chat Team.

We're Proactive

Live chat providers are not all made equal.

A provider using proactive live chat can help you earn you up to 105% additional ROI.

Our agents use advanced analytics to track the movement of customers through your website and find the perfect moment to engage with a personalized welcome message, generating 35% more chats than passive click to chat.

We're Passionate About Customer Service

Today’s digital consumers expect a personalized, relevant experience- one that can only be achieved through live human interaction aided by advanced customer analytics. Our live chat agents know customer service is about more than problem solving and troubleshooting.

Live chat is our tool of choice because it has the highest consumer satisfaction rate at 92%.

Live Chat Support Agents